Norris Campground Yellowstone

Norris Campground is a multiple loop campground located in the middle of Yellowstone National Park near Norris Geyser Basin. The upper loops are on the side of a hill, but have plenty of level campsites for trailers and a few good ones for tents. The lower loop is down in the valley near a creek. This campground is open from May to September.

Bison and elk are often in the area drinking from the creek or grazing in the meadow. Remember that wildlife in Yellowstone are just that, WILDlife. Do not approach them and be sure to keep a safe distance away.Trailheads are located at both the east and west end of Norris Campground. The trailhead on the west end is a short walk over to Norris Geyser Basin, where Steamboat Geyser is located. Steamboat is the largest active Geyser in the world, but is very impredictable. The trail on the east end is a bit longer hike which leads to some backcountry lakes.

Norris campground has flushing toilets and running sinks in the bathrooms as well as wash basins near the restrooms. The water is not heated, so you’ll need a stove if you want do wash dishes in warm water.

Norris campground, like Madison and Canyon, is centrally located in Yellowstone. If you plan on spending time on both the upper and lower loops, any of these three campgrounds are good to camp at.

The fee to camp at Norris is currently $14 a night. Campsites are reserved on a first come first serve basis. No prior reservations are currently taken.

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