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    Published on 07-07-2011 09:48 AM
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    The earliest humans to inhabit the Yellowstone region where Yellowstone National Park is located lived in the area approximately 12,000 years ago. The period from 12,000 to 8,000 years ago was known as the Paleoindian era. Hundreds of spear tips, made from obsidian, were found in the area and were traded to other tribes in present-day Idaho, Illinois and Ohio. These people used sandstone tools to make other tools from bone and wood. Tools associated with tanning hides and making clothing have also been found. Pictographs, or paintings on rocks, and petro glyphs, carved rock pictures, can be found in the greater Yellowstone ...
    Published on 03-29-2011 12:57 PM
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    The Yellowstone region is a wonderful place to study geology first-hand, because the rise of the Rocky Mountains shows us so much material that might be buried elsewhere in the world. Glaciers and rivers have also carved swaths through billions of years of prehistory recorded in the rocks.

    When Yellowstone ...
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