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Looking for weather in yellowstone np? Yellowstone is a big place so it is better to look for weather in yellowstone at a specific location. Click on the red dots of the map below to get forecasts of weather in yellowstone for that area. All of our weather for Yellowstone is supplied by NOAA. Scroll down to get a general description of seasonal weather for yellowstone.

Grand Teton and Yellowstone Weather Map Fishing Bridge, WY Lake, WY Grant Village, WY Canyon, WY Norris, WY Madison, WY Mt. Washburn, WY Tower Fall, WY Tower Junction, WY Lamar Ranger Station, WY Pebble Creek, WY Slough Creek, WY Indian Creek, WY Lower Geyser Basin, WY Old Faithful, WY Craig Pass, WY Mammoth, WY North Entrance Northeast Entrance East Entrance Frank Island, WY South Entrance Lewis Lake, WY Bechler, WY Thorofare, WY West Entrance Upper and Lower Falls, WY Mud Volcano, WY Hayden Valley, WY West Thumb, WY Dunraven Pass, WY Flagg Ranch, WY Lizard Creek, WY Colter Bay, WY Jackson Dam, WY Moran Junction, WY Signal Mountain, WY Jenny Lake / String Lake, WY Moose, WY Mormon Row, WY Taggart Lake, WY Cascade Ranger Station, WY Jenny Lake Visitor Center Willow Flats Overlook Snake River Overlook Schwabacher Landing Gros Ventre, WY Teton Pass, WY Wilson, WY Jackson, WY The Saddle

Summer: Weather for Yellowstone summers are often in the 70s (25°C) and occasionally in the 80s (30°C) in lower elevations during the day. Weather in Yellowstone cools down at night where temperatures often drop below freezing at higher elevations. If you plan on tent camping, prepare for cold weather camping. Thunderstorms are common in the afternoons.

Winter: Yellowstone is high in elevation and the brings with it snow and cool temperatures. The record low temperature for Yellowstone is -66°F (-54C). Temperatures often range from 0° to 20°F (-20° to -5°C) throughout the day. Sub-zero temperatures over-night are common. Snowfall is highly variable throughout the park. The average is 150 inches per year, it is not uncommon for higher elevations to get twice that amount. The northern area of the park near Mammoth gets much less snowfall than other parts of the park. It is not uncommon to find 30-40 feet (10-13 meters) of snow near Dunraven Pass at the end of winter.

Spring & Fall: Daytime temperatures range from the 30s to 60s (0° to 20°C) with overnight lows in the teens to single digits (-5 to -20C). Snow is common in the Spring and Fall with regular accumulations of 12" in a 24 hour period.

It is wise to prepare for any season conditions no matter when you visit Yellowstone. When considering weather in Yellowstone be prepared for sudden changes. More than anything else, unpredictability characterizes Yellowstone’s weather. Always visit with a wide range of clothing options. Be sure to bring a warm jacket and rain gear even in the summer. You might also want to check out The Weather Channel for more Yellowstone Weather information.

Yellowstone Weather Forecast

Elevation: 6104'
Latitude: 44.96° N
Longitude: 110.69° W

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