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    So this article claims that there is some sad news about wolf 642F Sad News From Yellowstone. 642F R.I.P. | Wolf Conservation Center. Personally I don’t know how “sad” it is.

    I don’t think too many people in my neighborhood are going to be sad that another wolf is dead. I find it kind of funny that these wolves get names like 642F. Reminds me of that old song “Secret Agent Man” – “Giving you a number, and taken away your name.”

    To me it basically says that these wolves are prisoners in Yellowstone.


    Kelly Daines

    codyjuggler you are a sick man. She was a very important wolf to Yellowstone.


    Kelly, really I’m not a sick man, but I have a hard time seeing why she was so “important” to Yellowstone. Wolves bread almost as fast as rabbits and pretty soon they are going to run out of food inside the park and starting eating up lively hoods of ranchers around the park.


    I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but wolves do NOT “bread [by which I’m guessing you mean breed] almost as fast as rabbits”. The breeding female – usually the alpha female – has a sort of innate way (not entirely understood at this time) of deciding whether to ‘cycle’ and then give birth based on prey availability, as well as the current wolf population. It’s just a well known fact that the pack size is dependent on food source. That is, plentiful food sources mean a larger wolf pack.

    My guess is you have a friend that is a rancher and have been listening to them talk about the evils of wolves. A suggestion: do some research and make up your own mind.



    Oh come on Indigo, wolves have “bread”, what else are they going to put their lunch meat on?


    @dinky – LOL!!!!!



    Sorry for the misspelled word. Spelling has NEVER been my strong point.

    After doing some research, I’ve made up my own mind.

    Ranches full of cattle = Plentiful food sources.
    Plentiful food sources = Larger litters of pups. (Not quite like rabbits, but they do reproduce quick)

    Here’s some info I found:

    “Wolf-killed cattle have angered ranchers in all three states. In 2010, wolves killed 570 adult cows and 1990 calves in Idaho, according to the USDA Cattle Death Loss report issued last week. Wolves in Montana killed 440 adult cows and 852 calves. Wyoming fared better with 74 adult cows killed and 511 calves.”

    Source: Wolves killing fewer cattle in Wyoming than in Montana, Idaho



    Well this is disappointing, I wouldn’t have thought on a Yellowstone forum we’d have people like this. The wolves are a vital component of the ecosystem and as such most certainly belong in the park.

    All these falsehoods about wolves eating livestock are just overblown ignorance. I believe last years numbers worked out to wolves being responsible for less than 1/4 of 1% of all livestock losses in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

    By far the largest loss was caused by neglect, lack of water, lack of feed, lack of shelter, lack of veterinary care. Negligence ignorance and apathy is the ranchers worst enemy. Add on the 450 billion or so over the next ten years in welfare ranching subsidies and there’s really just no excuse for finger pointing at the wolves

    It just doesn’t make any sense.

    Please lets refrain from any wolf bashing, its just ridiculously ignorant.

    PS English isn’t my first language so yeah, I can’t spell either.


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